Who's Taylor Swift, exhibition, Fowler Project Space

Chris Tyler performance, Fowler Project Space

Group Exhibition of SIX Artists Curated By ELIZABETH GRAMMATICAS












EXHIBITION DATES: March 28 - April 13, 2014

If sentimentality kills, then Taylor Swift is our deadliest assassin. -- Chris Tyler

Fowler Project Space is pleased to present Who’s Taylor Swift Anyway?, a group exhibition curated by Elizabeth Grammaticas. This exhibit seeks to explore our relationship to celebrity through embodiments of the pop-fictional character, Taylor Swift. NY Magazine recently named Swift the world’s biggest pop star with her 7 Grammy awards, record breaking music sales, numerous advertising endorsements, and branded products. How has this inescapable singer transformed our cultural landscape, and how might our relatively recent 24/7 obsession with all things celebrity affect how we relate to each other in “the real world”?

Who’s Taylor Swift Anyway? combines painting, video, installation, and performance by 6 talented artists: Elizabeth Grammaticas, Lauren Kaelin, Elisa Kresigner, Torie Leigh, Jennifer McDermott, and Chris Tyler. Each artist grapples in their own way with our relationship to pop culture whether it be by inhabiting the character of Taylor Swift in performance, by commenting on, creating, and disseminating memes, or by testing the boundaries of Copyright Laws and how they relate to artistic expression.

The opening will include live performances throughout the evening. The exhibition will be on view from Mar. 28th to Apr. 13th, 2014. Who's Taylor Swift Anyway? can also be viewed during our open gallery hours on Sat. from 12-5pm and by making an appointment.












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Elizabeth Grammaticas's work is on ongoing investigation of the intense relationships we form with celebrity and other fictional and semi-fictional people we encounter through the media.  Whether it’s studying Taylor Swift’s instagram feed, or using Taylor tools to process trauma through performance, Grammaticas explores pop culture's effect on our psyches.  She is also responsible for the uncomfortable GIF explosion of

Lauren Kaelin taps into meme culture with her project The Work of Art in the Age of the Internet.  Kaelin's project has been inspired by the German theorist, Walter Benjamin, who argued that artwork loses its “aura” or true value when it is reproduced. By definition, a successful meme is reproducible, shareable, and recognizable. Benjamemes create an aura where none previously existed and allow previously used images to take on a life and meaning of their own.

Elisa Kreisinger, digitally known as Pop Culture Pirate, is a Brooklyn-based video artist remixing pop culture. Her piece Picasso Baby/I’m Feeling 22 brings Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, and Pace Gallery into a seemingly impossible, but surprisingly perfect, union while simultaneously examining copyright laws. Elisa’s 2012 US Copyright Office testimony helped win crucial exemptions, decriminalizing DVD ripping for artistic statements, to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. She is a contributor to the forthcoming The Book of Jezebel and The Routledge Companion to Remix Studies and to On! The Future of Now. She is currently an artist-in-residence at Public Knowledge and Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.

Torie Leigh received his BFA from RISD and is a Boston-based illustrator.  His work has graced the cover of The Weekly Dig, as well as album covers for The Ocular Audio Experiment and Rocco Katastrophe. He has liked Taylor Swift for a really long time and uses his work to explore her continuous theme of metamorphosis.

Jennifer McDermott weaves together snapshots of individual narratives both mundane and compelling.  Fusing the found object, the store bought, and the hand crafted, McDermott molds a fabricated reality as she sees it by creating compelling tableaux and tabletop installations. Recent publications include #BecomingBeyonce and other Daddy Issues and #Selfies.

Chris Tyler is a performance maker intrigued by the intersections of mass culture, queer theory, and the technological complexities of contemporary identity. In other words, he really likes Taylor Swift, pornography, and screaming into the Internet.  His work has recently been part of Prelude 2013 as well as Under the Radar 2014 at the Public Theater. “If sentimentality kills, then Taylor Swift is our deadliest assassin.”

This project is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).